Commercial Paper Data Contribution System

Logging in

You must have a CP account with DBRS to log into this system. This document describes the account and password processes.
How do I get an account?

A representative of an issuer can request an account for you by contacting DBRS at or by calling DBRS Business Development.

I have an account, how do I log in?

When you go to, a login form will appear. Enter the user name and password that were provided in the email you received. These are case sensitive, you may wish to copy the password from the email.

Once you are logged in, the system will remind you to change your password, this can be done from the "Profile" menu.

I need to update data for more than one issuer, is this possible?

You can either get a seperate account for each issuer or your account can be permissioned to access both issuers. You should contact DBRS for either of these options.

I've forgotten my password, can I get it back?

You cannot get a lost password back, but you can get it reset. Go to the login page and attempt to login. If the login fails you will be given an option to reset your password. Provide your email address and the system will assign you a new password and send it and your user name to that email address if it is enroled in the system.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by clicking the "Profile" menu option. The user profile form will be displayed which allows you to change your password or your name and set other personal options.

How do I change my user name?

You cannot change your username. If this is required please contact DBRS.